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As many of you are aware, my mother died in May of the corona virus at her home in the assisted living facility when Governor Cuomo signed an executive order on 3/25/00 placing sick patients in with the healthy elderly. We now know that this decision has killed as many of 15,000 of our loved ones who were residents at these various facilities in New York. There were no goodbyes, no visits, no Face Time, no memorial services, and in our case no funeral or burial.  There are many of us who are processing our anger, grief, and loss in different ways.  I have designed a mask ‘ Dump Cuomo’ which is now available for order.  All of the proceeds will go to my Charity of providing gifts for Bingo at various nursing homes that I support.  They are available in men’s or women sizes.

As you know I am a jewelry designer and have slowly started adding my new creations back on the web site. You will find these listed under ‘new arrivals’.  All of my bracelets are made in two sizes for small and average to larger wrists.  Small size is 6.8 inch and average to large is 7.0 inches, larger can be made upon request.

Thank you for your support.