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Imagine a Corporate executive turned jewelry designer! What fun it’s been creating sexy, stylish, sparkly, charming, edgy, and glamorous pieces that are finely detailed using the highest level stones.  We provide cutting edge products finished with attention to detail and design that will make  you look stylish without the expensive price tag.  To have jewelry that looks amazing on you, it needs to fit you as if were made for you.  At Bella Beadz we strive to create that look exclusively for you by offering our pieces in several sizes.

Our Jewelry lends itself to any style… form corporate, elegant, fun, funky, to bohemian.  You can stack your beaded bracelets up to get a real eclectic look no matter what pieces you choose.  Fashion is a statement not a style.  As you will see on my customers look – book page, Bella Beadz appeals to people of all ages.  They incorporate the art of personal expression for those who wear them.  Ali Larter once said, “I don’t care how stylish something is if it doesn’t flatter me”.  Try us- we’re confident you will fall in love with our pieces.  I’d like to be remembered as the type of girl who made ordinary things extraordinary.

Thank you for your support.